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Kaija Pack has more than two decades of experience serving children and individuals in need of love and support. As a devoted mother, mentor and foster care professional, she saw the transformative power of alternative therapies for people of all ages and wanted to find a fun and unique way to share these benefits with others. In 2021, Kaija made her dream a reality and founded Break Life, an award-winning facility that has been voted the #1 Rage Room In Houston for two years and counting!

Break  Therapy

Five Ways Break Therapy Can Help

  1. Break Therapy is an effective outlet to channel negative emotions in a safe and controlled environment while practicing self-care, reducing stress and anxiety.
  2. Break Therapy helps release pent up frustration and anger, enabling individuals to better manage their emotions in everyday life.
  3. Break Therapy provides a cathartic experience that leaves one feeling free from the burdens of mental or emotional distress as well as physical exhaustion.
  4. Break Therapy offers individuals the chance to express themselves without fear of judgement, allowing them to LET IT ALL OUT without being self-conscious or worrying about repercussions from society at large.
  5. Break Therapy can be used as part of a holistic lifestyle approach for overall wellbeing; it grants participants the opportunity for closure on unresolved issues such as regret, guilt or resentment so they can move forward with renewed energy towards personal goals or dreams.

Paint Therapy

Five Ways Paint Therapy Can Help

  1. Paint Therapy allows individuals to express themselves in a creative and unique way, which can help reduce stress and relieve anxiety.
  2. Paint Therapy is a great form of selfexpression that increases positive emotions such as creativity and joy while reducing negative ones like fear or anger.
  3. Paint Therapy helps stimulate the brain and can be used as an outlet for creative ideas, feelings, and memories to be expressed without judgement or criticism from others.
  4. Paint Therapy can provide emotional healing by using art to process difficult experiences in life including trauma, depression, grief, etc., helping one let go of any lingering negative energy they may have been carrying around with them.
  5. Paint Therapy allows people to explore their inner selves through making artwork; it’s an opportunity for selfdiscovery as well as achieving inner peace through the act of creation.