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Laugh. Play. Vent. Release. Grow.

Break Sessions

We offer timed opportunities from 10 minutes to an hour to have a safe, clean, judgement-free space to break everything in sight! For a more customized experience, choose one our our many themed rooms.

Paint Sessions

In addition to break sessions, we offer our award-winning Paint Sessions, a colorful immersion into a safe, fun world where everything is the canvas! Feel free to paint yourself, other people, the wall, or the canvas. It’s all okay here!

Corporate Events

Take your Corporate Health & Wellness strategy to another level with a unique and fun experience your team will NEVER forget! We have worked with some of the largest corporations in Houston and our team is excited to create a fully-integrated experience.

VIP Membership

Become a Break Life VIP Members and get special perks!

Mobile Services

Can’t make it to our facility? Our facility can come to you! We take our operation out on the road, and we come to your home or business.

Educate & Inspire

Break Life Houston believes in the transformative power of break, paint and other therapies to help improve the lives of all living things. We will send you news, information, products services, gifts and more to help you + your entire family live your best life!